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HIMACS is an exceptionally versatile material suitable for commercial and residential use due to its robust nature. The durable and adaptable nature of the material provides a unique simplicity and enables it to be used in a range of environments without having to make any complicated adjustments.

It has been developed for use across many sectors and applications, from bar tops, marine usage, retail and food service counters to breakfast bars, food preparation areas and even outdoor bars.  The easy-to-maintain surface and resistance to both germs and mildew makes HIMACS the perfect solution for all food and drink applications. Due to the nature of the product, there are no joints or crevices to harbor dirt or germs which is not only more hygienic but also easier to keep clean. Without the need for special cleaning equipment or solutions, it's a great choice for areas needing an easy maintenance option.

The durable composition of HIMACS also makes it perfect for outdoor use. We often recommend this tough material for applications such as wall cladding and signage as its UV stability means colour will not fade, even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

The non-porous surface of HIMACS makes it suitable for washroom vanity tops and hotel bathrooms where a waterproof material is essential. Additionally, easy clean features enable HIMACS to be used as healthcare, dental surgery or laboratory surfaces helping to maintain a hygienic environment. The material is also mildew and germ-resistant, ensuring surfaces are kept safe and sanitary without the need for specialist cleaning products.

HIMACS has been developed as an impact resistant material, enabling it to be used at airport check-in areas where durability is key. Other heavy usage applications in which HIMACS can be applied include furniture and display units as its sturdy composition makes it safe to use over long periods of time.  If you're planning a project that requires a contemporary, hard-wearing material for applications such as seating, shelving and other indoor furniture HIMACS will not disappoint.

We also recommend HIMACS for use in a range of wet environments such as marine spaces. Its non-porous surface means it remains water-tight throughout its life and prevents discolouration and staining.

The nature of HIMACS is to improve efficiency. Being able to use the same materials across such a wide range of applications and industries means you don't have to worry about finding different contractors for your project.

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