Environmentally friendly products are a necessity nowadays.  What is even better is when the entire product cycle – from its production and transport through to its disposal – meets the highest environmental standards.  LG Hausys leads the way in terms of environmentally responsible action on a global scale, always staying true to this promise.  We take environmental actions very seriously.

Sustainable construction is an essential part of design around the world today. The demand for environmentally friendly and healthy building materials is rising accordingly. 

LG Hausys makes continuous efforts to provide a sustainable value chain, which meets the highest ecological standards.  

HIMACS durability, combined with its intrinsic properties, means that any off-cuts can be utilized elsewhere, thus allowing for any fabrication using HIMACS to contribute virtually no waste to landfill. Numerous international certificates award HIMACS top marks for its hygienic performance and high standards of indoor air quality, due to its classification as an emission-free product. The company also provides environmental product verifications and international certifications which can contribute to green building projects.  

HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone pre-consumer waste is recycled into new products, minimising landfill. A selection of colours contain up to 16% recycled material and are certified by the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) for stated recycled content.  

All HIMACS products are manufactured in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001. What’s more, the company undergoes regular environmental and energy consumption analyses and publishes the results. It incorporates them in its sustainability strategy and takes them into consideration when formulating its reduction targets.


  • HIMACS is composed of minerals, acrylic and natural pigments.

  • The solid surface material HIMACS is composed of minerals (67%), the finest acrylic (30%) and natural pigments (3%).

LG Hausys continuously aims to make its products increasingly sustainable and more environmentally friendly. HIMACS pre-consumer waste is recycled into new products from the different HIMACS ranges which contain up to 16% recycled material, certified by SCS Global Services (formerly named Scientific Certification Systems)


  • HIMACS has no VOC emissions* and is formaldehyde free.

  • HIMACS is free from nanoparticles.

  • HIMACS comes in well below the minimum occupational health and safety LCI** levels.

  • Renowned institutes confirm that the material provides a high indoor air quality.

Free of emissions
Extensive studies – within LG Hausys’ own laboratories as well as tests carried out by other renowned independent institutions – have shown that the HIMACS material itself, as well as the cured adhesive, are completely free from formaldehyde and emissions.

Free of nanoparticles
While the benefits of nanotechnology are widely publicised, the discussion of the potential ill-effect of their use in consumer and industrial products is beginning to emerge. Prolonged exposure to nanoparticles can have an adverse affect on human health and the environment. HIMACS is totally free of nanoparticles, making it the safe choice for industry today.

HIMACS has been awarded the Greenguard Gold Indoor Air Quality Certificate. Emission testing under EN ISO 16000-9 also indicated that there were no traces of harmful substances.

*Volatile organic compounds
** Lowest Concentration of Interest (LCI value): LCI value = a benchmark for the health-related evaluation of building product emissions
*** HIMACS: Solids, Lucent, Sand & Pearl, Granite, Sparkle, Lucia, Marmo and Aster.


  • HIMACS is manufactured in an energy-efficient process that is economical with its use of resources.

  • The plants in Korea and the USA meet all local and international standards.

  • The material is transported from the USA to Europe exclusively by ship. LG Hausys selects its freight forwarders very carefully and makes sure all of them have a clear environmental standard engagement.

The production of this solid surface material is marked by an excellent energy balance. In recent years, the company has been very successful in achieving ambitious goals in terms of waste reduction and water conservation. In addition, HIMACS plants in Cheongju (Korea) and Atlanta (USA) meet all environmental standards.

In terms of logistics, overseas transport takes place wherever possible by ship. Within Europe, LG Hausys observes the Euro-5 standards for reduced particulate emissions. The partner-network of LG Hausys Europe consists of carefully selected partners with the highest environmental standards: for example, the State-of-the-Art logistics centre in the Netherlands is one of the first buildings to have been constructed in accordance with the WELL Building Standards and awarded the BREEAM Certificate. This means that it meets the highest requirements for environmentally friendly and healthy construction.


  • Since HIMACS can be seamlessly joined, any off-cuts can be used in other projects, meaning there is virtually no wastage of the material.

  • HIMACS installations are extremely strong and durable, with a limited warranty of 15 years.

  • Its long-life cycle means reduced waste over the years as a result.

As durable as stone, more flexible than wood – and available in around 100 colours: HIMACS facilitates a visually seamless production and can be machined in virtually any way. Any off-cuts can be reused for new projects. Plus, HIMACS installations are extremely durable and retain their original condition for a long time with very little repair required. As a result, there is very little waste. Additionally, products that last a long time do not need to be replaced, which saves resources and energy and has a positive effect on the eco-balance.


  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)
    HIMACS has achieved quality level 4 of 4 – the best rating – for the local environmental impact of the overall product (2018). The DGNB system is a holistic and unique certification system for sustainable construction.

  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
    Among other ratings, the material complies with “Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality” for particularly good air quality. BREEAM is one of the world’s most important global rating methods for sustainable architecture.

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    Is a standard voluntary system to certify high performance of buildings, from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certifies buildings using a credit system. Architects and planners using HIMACS for their project can claim EQ Credit for Low-Emitting Materials with the category Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ).

  • Environmental Building Certificate – Grade “outstanding”
    The Korean Air Cleaning Association certifies that HIMACS complies with the Korean regulations for environmental building materials.

For more information download the brochure 'The Sustainable Quality of HIMACS

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