We want you to be delighted with your HIMACS installation and with a vast array of colours to choose from, choosing the right one is important.

Colour Collections

The graphic design, renowed for its speckled, dotted, asymmetrical, imperfect random pattern contrast has evolved over the years to become the abstract illustrative print we know and love today. Terrazzo goes with just about anything and the new HI-MACS® Terrazzo colours demonstrate this beautifully with the neutral tones of Terrazzo Classico and the industrial feel of Terrazzo Grigio

The Strato Collection enhances the HIMACS colour range with brand new design possibilities:  the striations create geometry through its soft structure and subtle look.  The skilful use of the new linear pattern, vertically or horizontally, allow for great variation in each and every project.

Translucency and effective use of light are decisive design elements of contemporary architecture – the shades of the Lucent Collection, with their exceptional light translucency, allow for spectacular designs.  Whether effectively backlit or simply illuminated, the Lucent colours of the architecture always add an elegant touch thanks to their characteristic reaction to light.

The classic in terms of solid surfaces – a wide range of attractive shades of white lies at the heart of this collection.  Complemented by colourful, dynamic uni-shade accents from Lemon Squash to Festival Pink.  The timeless collection offers the perfect colour for every design.

The industrial look of concrete combined with the incredible flexibility of HIMACS.  The Concrete Collection adds huge opportunities for great designs to architects and designers.

The HIMACS Marmo Collection has been undated with new colours to address the current trends for top-quality marble aesthetics, ranging from semi-translucent white, through shades of grey, to striking dark brown and anthracite tones.

This collection focuses on the natural trend colours black, white and grey.  The lively and homogenous structures add character and expression to the colours.  Not surprising, as the renowned Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, designed three of these colours.

The large particles of the Volcanics shades add a sense of style to any design.  When used on a large scale the result is a dramatic showpiece.

Aster is a collection of elegant shades of grey, ranging from almost white to a dramatic dark grey, all with a gorgeous mother of pearl shimmer.

Ultimate elegance thanks to lively textures, harmoniously natural tones and maximum subtleness.  The Sparkle, Sand & Pearl, Granite and Quartz collection are perfect either alone or in combination with other colours.

The brand new HIMACS Intense Ultra is a revolution for the Solid Surface market, which opens new possibilities for surface design.  The aptly names Intense, which is a brand new material formulation, gives a powerful and remarkable performance.  The product range combines the characteristics from two disparate worlds: Intense Colour Technology and Ultra-Thermoforming.

Please take particular note of the following :

Some of the dark, heavily pigmented colours of HIMACS may require special care and may show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter textured colours. Colours shown in the HIMACS brochure marked with an asterix are not recommended for use as a kitchen work surface or in heavy traffic applications. For information on selecting the ideal colour for your application please consult with your HIMACS retail dealer, fabricator or contact us for more information.

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