AvoniteĀ® Adds Simplicity And Warmth To Private Home

Ibiza Private Home

It all began with the purchase of some land on a hillside in Ibiza. There, a concrete structure was all that remained of an aborted construction project, but the new owners were won over by the breathtaking view.

In fact, that was the concept underpinning the project: the phenomenal view of the sea and the city would overshadow the rest. On each of the four storeys, whether in a bathroom or a bedroom, large openings look out at the blue sky above.

The second guideline was the desire to create a villa in an innovative style, that stands out from the local architecture while still fitting in with it seamlessly.

The owners commissioned a Belgian architecture and design firm whose timeless creations had won them over: Laurence Sonck, whose mainly residential projects are characterized by their warm, clean lines.

At that point, everything still needed to be done. Starting with a rough, very basic structure, the challenge was colossal if the building was to meet the requirements of the couple, who were also the owners of the company M2 Ibiza Construct SL, in charge of construction.

The building company was accustomed to high-scale projects and both the firm Laurence Sonck and the new owners appreciated Avonite® Solid Surface for its contemporary look. They decided to mix two materials: Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface and wood. The focus of the project was on the colour white, although stone and the occasional use of marble created an interesting juxtaposition of materials, in which each one served to enhance the others. Those interactions can be seen in particular on the façade of the top floor and on the surrounding walls, but also in the bathrooms.

The first challenge was to produce an extraordinary finish for the customary island uses. The second difficulty came in finding solutions to unexpected problems during the construction of the concrete structure. As a result, the firm Laurence Sonck was able to devise clever ways of aligning the tops of sashes, and of working around a relatively inconvenient distribution of pillars. 

With this in mind, plenums blowing air through vents measuring 2 centimetres high by 4 metres long made it possible to develop an aesthetically pleasing solution for the air conditioning system. The sun shades were camouflaged in Avonite® coffered ceilings.

Subtle, elegant creations, like window frames made of Avonite® and jutting out of the wall by 15 to 20 cm, stood out from standard practice in the region.

Backed by their experience in this domain, m2 Ibiza Construct and Laurence Sonck followed their own methods for installing the façade. Avonite® panels were hung from rails by means of invisible fastenings.

Lastly, the Snowfall colour of Avonite® was widely used indoors, as flooring in the bathrooms and stairways and to cover the skirting boards.

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