James Latham and The National Forest

More than a decade after the roots of James Latham’s partnership with the National Forest were first established with the symbolic planting of 250 trees to mark the company’s 250th anniversary, year on year, the relationship continues to grow stronger.

The National Forest

During this time, James Latham has planted hundreds more native woodland trees, in a variety of different species including Oak, Birch and Hazel together with supporting wider forest and woodland management and maintenance projects to help the forest thrive.

As the UK’s biggest independent importer and distributor of wood-based products, we insist our supply partners engage in replanting and sustainable forestry management and working with the National Forest is a great way for us to underline our support of sustainable forestry in this country.

Wood is the planet’s best renewable resource and it is such a versatile material. It’s fantastic to see timber cladding in vogue with architects and designers as it has great performance qualities.

As an industry, forestry has had a bad press but now the emphasis is on legal, sustainable timber. Here at James Latham we work to the highest certification standards, and we travel the world to visit our suppliers, making sure our requirements for these standards are met.

As part of James Latham’s support of the National Forest, twice a year staff, customers and suppliers are invited to spend a day in the forest, taking part in woodland management activities which as well as planting also sees them thinning, pruning and brash clearing, helping to open up the woodlands for the public to enjoy.

James Latham enjoy company days in the forest and everyone really looks forward to them: you can leave your phone behind and completely forget about work. You’re out in the fresh air, getting exercise and you are really aware of everything around you.  Over the eleven years we have been involved with the National Forest, we’ve really seen how things have grown, how the landscape has changed and how all of our efforts are making a difference.  As a company, and as individuals, we are extremely proud of this partnership and feel we’re putting something back in.

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